How To Childproof Your Windows And Doors

How To Childproof Your Windows And Doors

Our children are our world and as parents, you want to do everything you can to keep your child safe. 

However, many parents don’t realise the dangers their windows and doors pose for small children. 

The last thing you want is for your child to fall out of the window or get their fingers slammed in the door. 

No need to panic, there are many windows and doors features available, designed to protect your little ones. 

In this article, we look at some of the childproof window and door options on the market and how they can help keep your child safe. 

  • Childproof window locks
  • Window stops
  • Slamming prevention devices 
  • Slimline door protectors

Childproofing your windows and doors

  1. Childproof window locks 

A sure-fire way to make your windows extra-safe is by adding locks to your windows. 

Although some windows already come with safety locks, there are a variety of locks available, suitable for all window types providing extra safety. 

Keeping your windows locked, and even hiding the key, can prevent children from opening them and falling out. 

  1. Window stops 

Window stops are a childproofing window feature that controls how far your window can open. 

Window stops restrict windows from opening further than a 4-inch gap, making it virtually impossible for a small child to fall through. 

  1. Slamming prevention devices 

Slamming prevention devices are an effective way of making doors safer for children.

Typically made from foam, slamming prevention devices prevents a door from shutting completely. 

They help stop fingers from getting shut in the door by providing a safety layer between the door, keeping your child’s fingers free from harm. 

  1. Slimline door protectors 

Slimline protectors can be attached to your internal doors and provide a temporary solution to preventing hands from getting stuck in doors. 

They are detachable so can easily be removed when your child grows up and the protector is no longer needed. 

Windows and doors childproofing 

These are just some of the childproofing options available for your windows and doors intended to give you, as a parent, peace of mind. 

But before you start fitting your windows and doors with any of these safety features, it’s important to choose an installer you can trust. 

At Stafford uPVC Windows, we offer a range of window and door childproofing services, delivered to the highest standard to ensure your child keeps safe. 

We provide an installation that our customers can rely on. 

If you’re looking to childproof your windows and doors, get in touch and see what we can do for you. 

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