How To Keep Your Conservatory Warm In Winter?

How To Keep Your Conservatory Warm In Winter?

Conservatories are a perfect place to let in extra light in your home when the sun is shining. 

But, when it comes to winter, it’s a different story.

Conservatories can have the tendency to be cold and damp when temperatures start to drop. 

Poor insulation, old double glazing and a draughty door are some of the reasons why your conservatory may be cold. 

Our team has compiled a list of the things you can do to keep your conservatory warm this winter. 

5 things you can do to keep your conservatory warm in winter

  1. Fill your conservatory 

An empty conservatory means a cold conservatory. This is because the cold air can freely circulate around your conservatory. 

Did you know that your furniture can help restrict the flow of cold air? 

It’s true. 

So whether it’s a new sofa or chairs, filling your conservatory can help keep your conservatory that little bit warmer. 

  1. Improve your glazing

Is your conservatory’s double glazing old, or do you not even have double glazing in your conservatory? 

Improving or replacing your conservatory’s glazing with new double glazing can be a great way to improve your conservatory’s insulating capabilities.

Double glazing acts as insulation, helping to keep the cold outside out and the warm inside air in. 

  1. Install water radiators

We’re sure you have radiators all over your home but do you have them in your conservatory? 

Why not?

Installing one or two radiators to your conservatory can make it a warmer and cosier place to be.

  1. Your flooring matters 

There’s no worse feeling than walking across a cold floor, but the flooring is often forgotten about when trying to warm up your conservatory.

Depending on your budget, there are a few options available to you.

The cheapest option is investing in a large rug to lay across your conservatory. 

If your pockets are a bit deeper, under floor heating is an option for hard floors or you might want to replace your current flooring with carpet, both options make a difference in warming the temperature of your conservatory. 

  1. Replace your conservatory roof


In the same way that most of our heat escapes from our head, a huge amount of heat escapes from your conservatory roof. 

Whilst replacing your conservatory roof is a more expensive option, the money saved on your energy bills can help balance the cost over time. 

If your roof is in need of a replacement, a tiled roof is a good place to start when trying to heat up your conservatory. 

Modern tiled roofs have excellent insulating properties and will definitely go a long way in warming your conservatory up, not only in winter but all year round. 

Making conservatory improvements

Now you know a bit more about what you can do to improve your cold conservatory, you might be in the market for a new conservatory roof or maybe you want to start from scratch and replace your old conservatory.

Before you make any conservatory improvements, it’s important to choose a local installer you can trust.

Here at Stafford uPVC Windows, we are focused on delivering a high-quality service, supplying the best products to our customers across Staffordshire. 

No matter your conservatory needs, Stafford uPVC Windows have you covered. Get in touch and see what we can for you or even request a free no obligation quote.  

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