Broken uPVC Door Lock Mechanism: Is Your Door Stuck?

Broken uPVC Door Lock Mechanism: Is Your Door Stuck?

If your front or back door stops working, this can be a huge inconvenience. But more than just making it difficult to let the dog out at night, it could also pose a security threat or even a fire safety hazard and should be addressed as soon as you can. 

There’s a chance you may not need a full replacement for your door as, depending on the nature of the problem, you may be able to conduct a repair yourself. The first thing you need to do is identify where the problem is. 

Check the lock 

Put your key in the lock and try to turn it as you normally would. If the key turns and the barrel clicks as expected, the issue likely lies with the mechanism. If the key does not turn, or there is some resistance, the issue is with your barrel. 

Check the handle 

Check to see if your door handle is loose. If it is, then you need to tighten the screw holding the barrel into place. Open the door and locate the screw that holds the barrel into place. This will effectively tighten the handle and make the door safe to use again. 

Replace the mechanism 

If the key does turn in the lock, then the mechanism will need to be replaced. This is a more challenging job and if completed without some knowhow, could potentially damage your door further and lead to you needing a full replacement. 

The first thing to do is identify the mechanism you need. Each door has its own unique gearbox and so you need to find the right mechanism for your door. Once you’ve done this, you should contact a professional to perform the replacement in order to avoid further damage to your door. 

Contact Stafford uPVC Windows 

If you’re unsure, or if you would just the peace of mind of having a professional take on the work, Stafford uPVC can help.

We offer a wide range of quality windows and doors and our highly trained, expert installers will be able to carry out the repairs, giving you total peace of mind that your door will be fully functional and secure once more. 

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