Choosing a Style

A conservatory should always enhance your home as much as possible, whether it be from the outside or from inside. That’s why location and size of the conservatory are very important.

One of the most important things to consider is the size of the conservatory. A good tip is to lay out the area you want to use for the conservatory with, for example twigs, rope or a tape measure and fill it with the things you want in your conservatory, like a dining table, a sofa and plants. Then see if you have as much space as you would like.

Another major decision is to decide what sort of design would go best with the shape of your house. If the conservatory would be visible from the main road, it should blend in with the design of the house.

The colour and the materials the conservatory is made of can either enhance or spoil the look of the end result. Conservatories don’t all have to be white – PVCu can be made to look as a wood grain. You can choose to match it with your existing window colour, for example, or the colour of your house.

Top tips to ensure the conservatory matches your home:

  • Lead your conservatory off a room that you use much, like your kitchen or living room
  • Don’t compromise on the size of your conservatory
  • Don’t let the shape of your house be disturbed by your conservatory
  • Decide on a conservatory shape that will enhance the outlook of your home
  • Try to match the construction materials of your conservatory with the ones used for your home
  • Try to match the colour of your conservatory with the colours used for your home
  • Take interesting details like bargeboards and unusually shaped windows into the design of your conservatory