DIY Conservations


You usually save money. As the name suggests you do it yourself but if you wish to complete a certain part of the job, such as digging the foundations, then you can sub-contract out that part of your work.
You can be confident that you have complete control of the final result. You will be more likely to take the necessary time over the more difficult parts or any problems that might arise. You would be more likely to “rush” the problems that might occur if you were the contractor working to a price. If you have something unusual on your site, which might require a little extra attention, then this can be particularly relevant.
You have the personal satisfaction of knowing that the work is done exactly as you want it. You are well accustomed with your conservatory and you can make sure that everything is how you want it to be. Building a conservatory is practical for just about all of us and with a lot of companies now specialising in supplying to the DIY market and with many Tips booklets and “How To” guides available. All it takes is some time and lots of patience.



Apart from all the “hard graft” there are not many disadvantages – except perhaps that you are working for most the difficult client – yourself! You, and you alone are responsible for the final result, it can be quite lonely doing it yourself – especially if you come up against any problems. It requires a reasonable degree of confidence to tackle this on your own – we think it’s rather nice to enlist the help of a friend or neighbour. Perhaps you could help each other with each other’s conservatory – a sort of joint effort. A second pair of hands and viewpoint will often help in overcoming the challenges that will arise.