Orangeries Stafford & Staffordshire


If you are considering a conservatory, but are worried that you might end up getting too much sunlight once it is installed, you might want to consider investing in an Orangery instead.

Orangeries are a stylish addition to any home. Whilst conservatories are a great way to add extra  space to your home whilst is filling it with natural light, sometimes this can be too much of a good thing if you have a south facing aspect, even the best engineered conservatory could become a bit too hot for comfort this is where a quality Orangery comes in.

A modern Orangery could be described as a space which combines the light, airy feel of a conservatory with the practically of a sunroom, creating a beautiful addition to your home with a style and charm of its own.



Orangeries were originally used to cultivate fruits and plants.  These days Orangeries are much more versatile – some of the practical uses for such space include:

  • A practical kitchen or dining space
  • A comfortable light soaked lounge
  • A trendy home office
  • A high-tech home gym

Today’s finest orangeries feature materials and construction techniques which allow them to be used all year round from the hottest summer afternoon to the coolest winter night.

With their combination of great natural light levels, energy efficient glazing, additional versatile space and stylish look and feel, Orangeries can enhance your home and open up a whole realm of new possibilities.

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